Program 2024

Pellet Forum Austria

What about making a SWOT analysis of European pellet heating industry with experts?

At a time when the wood pellet heating industry is at a turning point in its development, European Pellet Forum intends to give the floor to experts to make a SWOT analysis of our industry together with the audience of the conference. There will be presentations and discussions in which participants will get the opportunity to add their view through an interactive system.

Here under are the main topics of this SWOT analysis.



  • What is the current size and status of the pellet industry and what are the future expectations?
  • How sustainably managed forests and the forest industry support the pellet sector?
  • What level of emissions are achievable with modern pellet appliances?
  • How efficient are pellet stoves in real life?
  • How competitive are pellets compared to other heating sources?
  • What does the market development of ENplus® means to consumers for improved fuel quality?


  • How upcoming EU policies are expected to impact the pellet industry?
  • Do subsidies for pellet heating have a positive or toxic influence in the market?
  • Will the general economic conditions affect consumers’ willingness to switch to pellet heating?
  • NGOs influence on pellet industry: what to expect in the future?
  • How can the pellet heating industry remain profitable with massive and sudden changes of offer and demand ?


  • What is the best way to communicate about pellets considering the size of the industry?
  • To what extend pellet heating markets are dependent on weather conditions and how to follow it?
  • How the pellet markets for heating and power generation interact?
  • What is the influence of stock variability in the pellet markets and how to improve stock monitoring?


  • What prospects for pellet production does the increased interest in wood products offer?
  • How to use new raw materials – hardwood, agrobiomass, waste – for pellet production?
  • Which opportunities do new industrial end-users offer for pellet markets?
  • Which new technologies offer possibilities for improved and more sustainable pellet production?



1- French pellet heating market

    – Pellet production and sales

    – Heating equipments and chimneys

    – Supermarket and DIY

    – Customers knowledge

      2- Pellet production

      Use of sawdust (types, usages, …)

      – Raw material and new competition of usages (decarbonation)

      – New raw material : palets wastes

      – Impact of wood quality on pellets’ quality

      – Pellets challenges in terms of sustainability (forest, packing, transport, …).

      3- Technics

      Pellet stoves : efficiency in real life

      Hardwood for pellets : not an illusion, a real solution

      4- Pellet industry for the climate

      Association of companies for the climate (Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat / CEC)