Pellet Forum Austria

The 2nd edition of the European Pellet Forum will take place on 28 May 2024 in Nantes, France as part of the Carrefour International du Bois trade fair.

It will be followed on 29 May 2024 by the national event of Propellet France on the same location.

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Program 2024

What about making a SWOT analysis of European pellet heating industry with experts?

At a time when the wood pellet heating industry is at a turning point in its development, European Pellet Forum intends to give the floor to experts to make a SWOT analysis of our industry together with the audience of the conference. There will be presentations and discussions in which participants will get the opportunity to add their view through an interactive system.

Here under are the main topics of this SWOT analysis.



    Pellet heating industry size and status: Jeremy Geelen / Bioenergy Europe

    – How sustainably managed forests and forest industry support the pellet sector ? Jamie Stephen / TorchLight Bioressources

    – Technology development of pellet boilers and resulting emission reduction potentials ? Ingwald Obernberger / BIOS Bioenergiesysteme

    – What does the market development of ENplus means to consumers in terms of fuel quality ? Agnieszka Jankowska / ENplus

    – Discussion


      – Recent experiences showed a lack of communication of our industry. What are the challenges ? Thomas Perrissin / Okofen France

      – How can the pellet industry remain profitable with massive and sudden changes of offer and demand:

      • Example of a company’s adaptation to these fluctuations: Denis Schultz / KWB GmbH
      • Feedback from the agricultural deshydrated industry: Gilles Chanet / France Luzerne

      How the pellet markets for heating and power interact?

      • How instability in the industrial sector affect domestic market: Gilles Gauthier / Hawkins Wright
      • State of national supports to power with pellet (UK, NL, B, DK):  Mark McConnell / Graanul Invest
      • Does power production with pellets is still profitable without national support schemes ? Michael Hjorth Christensen / CM Biomass
      • How power plants arbitrate between coal, gas and pellets to produce electricity: Michael Hjorth Christensen / CM Biomass

      – Panel Discussion

        3- Threats

          – How upcoming EU policies are expected to impact the pellet industry? Jean-Marc Jossart / Bioenergy Europe

          – Will campaigning of NGOs agains biomass continue. What can we expect? Elizabeth Woodworth / Wood & Co Consulting

          – Do subsidies for pellet heating have a positive or toxic influence in the market (Germany and Austria)? Markus Mann / Mann Energie

          To what extend pellet heating markets are dependant on weather conditions and how to follow it ? Marco Palazzetti / Palazzetti

          – Panel Discussion

            4- OPPORTUNITIES

              – Which new technologies offer possibilities for improved and more sustainable pellet production?

              • Progranul, pellet mill Nutri-score A (fat free) : Christophe Garnier / Prodesa
              • Combined heat and power system thorough ORC technology to sustainable pellet production: Alessandro Guercio / Turboden
              • A mechanical dewatering solution for fiber-based biomass: High Pressure Press 1803: Markus Rekonen / Saalasti

              – What prospects for pellet production offers the increased interest in wood products for building ? Sylvain Rochet / Ingenierie Bois Constrcution (IBC)

              – Agropellets La Defense project in Paris : Xavier Collin / IDEX

              – New markets for decarbonization : John Robinson/BK Tech

              – Panel Discussion

                WEDNESDAY MAY. 29, 2024 PROPELLET EVENT

                1- French pellet heating market 1

                – French pellet market: Hugues de Cherisey / SNPGB

                – Stoves and boilers market : Yann Denance / Inovalp

                – Italy in pellet heating: a major player for France: Matteo Favero / AIEL

                – Specialized pellet distribution in France : Cyrille Mercier / Anjou Bois Energie

                – End users and pellets (perception, confidence,…) : Amandine Messina /Viavoice

                – Discussions

                  2- Pellet production

                  – Gramix study on hard wood for pellets : Matthieu Campargue / RAGT Energie

                  – Palets for pellets production : Victor Jumez / Voebio

                  – Perspectives on feedstock and energy use of biomass in France : Alice Fautrad / ADEME

                  – Discussions

                  3- REFLECTION

                  – Challenges of pellet industry in terms of environemental and social durability : Yohan Smal / ONG Earthworm

                  – Convention of Companies for the Climate (CCC) : Yann Denance / Inovalp

                  – Decryption  : Laurent Croizier / Deputy of  Doubs (25) department

                  4- Technic

                  Study on pellet stoves efficiency in real life : Manon Vitel & Isabelle Augeven Bour / ADEME

                  – Emissions; Emissions factors and concentration: What is it about? Manon Vitel & Isabelle Augeven Bour / ADEME


                  5- FRENCH PELLET HEATING MARKET 2

                  – Mass distribution and pellet industry :

                  • Market: Sébastien Gautreau / Biomasse Energie Atlantique
                  • Point of views: Elise Desfontaines / System U, David Cogic / APEX, Eric Hilbert / Terrena

                  6- INDUSTRY ORGANISATION

                  – Pellet industry action to prevent crisis like in 2022 : Raphael Ribstein Moreau/OpenFire, Eric Vial / Propellet