Pellet Forum Austria

The 2nd edition of the European Pellet Forum will take place on 28 May 2024 in Nantes, France as part of the Carrefour International du Bois trade fair.

It will be followed on 29 May 2024 by the national event of Propellet France on the same location.

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DEPV Bentele Speaker

Christian Rakos

Président of World Biomass Association

Moderator: @ May 28, 2024

DEPV Bentele Speaker

Jeremie Geelen

Bioenergy Europe

Pellet heating industry size and status, Future expatations: @ May 28, 2024

DEPV Bentele Speaker

Jamie Stephen

TorchLight Bioresources

How sustainably managed forests and forest industry support the pellet sector ? @ May 28, 2024

DEPV Bentele Speaker

Ingwald Obernberger

BIOS Bioenergiesysteme


What level of emissions is achievable with modern pellet appliances, Future steps to improve combustion efficiency: @ May 28, 2024

Speaker Gillles Gauthier

Agnieszka Jankowska


What does the market development of ENplus means to consumers in terms of fuel quality ? ENplus : world leading quality system (advantages of the scheme): @ May 28, 2024

Speaker Gillles Gauthier

Thomas Perrissin

Okofen France

Recent experiences showed a lack of communication of our industry. What are the challenges ? Lack of “true” awareness on our industry from decision makers and general public: @ May 28, 2024

Speaker Gillles Gauthier

Jean Marc Jossart

Bioenergy Europe

How upcoming EU policies are expected to impact the pellet industry? Ecolabelling and EUDR: @ May 28,2024

Speaker Gillles Gauthier

Elizabeth Woodworth

Wood & Co Consulting

Will campaigning of NGOs against biomass continue. What can we expect? @ May 28,2024

Markus Mann

Mann Energie

Do subsidies for pellet heating have a positive or toxic influence in the market? Feedback from Germany and Austria: @ May 28,2024

Matteo Favero


Manager of Dept. “Wood biofuels and Certification schemes” in AIEL, Italian Agroforestry Energy Association (AIEL). Vice-president of the European Pellet Council, and Chairman of WG Pellet hosted by Bioenergy Europe.

Italy in pellet heating: a major player for France: @ May 29,2024

Speaker Gillles Gauthier

Denis Schultz

KWB France

How can the pellet industry remain profitable with massive and sudden changes of offer and demand ? Example of a company’s adaptation to these fluctuations: @ May 28,2024

Gilles Chanet

Luzerne de France

How can the pellet industry remain profitable with massive and sudden changes of offer and demand ? Feedback from the agricultrual deshydrated industry: @ May 28,2024

Speaker Gillles Gauthier

Marco Palazzetti


Management engineer born in 1974, Marco Palazzetti is the CEO with responsibility for Relations and Innovation of his own company, which leads the domestic heating market through its cutting-edge stoves and fireplaces.
Palazzetti Lelio Spa, founded in Porcia (PN) in 1954, is a family-run company led by Chiara and Marco Palazzetti, CEOs of the enterprise together with their parents Ruben and Lucilla, who had worked alongside their founding grandparents Lelio and Diletta.
Almost 70 years after its foundation, the company has 264 employees, two factories and a turnover of almost 80 million euros (70% of which due to exports to Europe).

In addition to his entrepreneurial role, Marco Palazzetti takes part to several Italian and European institutions that define the energy policies of the future. He is member of the Board of Directors of AIEL (Italian Association of Agroforestry Energies), Chairman of the Working Group Domestic Heating of the Bioenergy Europe association and delegate of the Biomass Commission of the CEFACD, the official trade association representing manufacturers of domestic heating and cooking equipment in Europe.

    To what extend pellet heating markets are dependant on weather conditions and how to follow it ? Analysis of thousands of stoves’ consumption: @ May 28,2024


    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Gilles Gauthier

    Hawkins Wright

    Gilles has been working in the bioenergy sector since 2009, firstly as project engineer before taking a leading role in biomass trade associations prior to joining Hawkins Wright in 2022. His previous role involved biomass price reporting and supply & demand analysis. Gilles is in charge of business development but also contributes to Hawkins Wright’s biomass market reports. He has a degree in industrial engineering with a specialism in the environment.


    How the pellet markets for heating and power and how instability in the industrial sector affect domestic market? State of national supports to power with pellet (UK, NL, B, DK): @ May 28,2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Mark McConnel

    Graanul Invest’s Director of Sales

    Mark McConnell is the Director of Sales at Graanul Invest, Europe’s leading sustainable biomass and bioenergy producer. Mark spearheads the company’s sales initiatives, bearing full responsibility for managing the existing product portfolio and customer base. He plays a crucial role in guiding the company’s strategic expansion into new regions and directly reports to the CEO. Drawing from hands-on involvement in the UK power and gas markets, coupled with a distinguished six-year tenure managing a substantial 12-million-tonne portfolio at DRAX, Mark brings a wealth of experience to the table. His journey in the industry has equipped him with invaluable insights into the intricacies of the biomass and bioenergy markets.

    How the pellet markets for heating and power interact? @ May 28,2024

    Sylvain Rochet

    Ingenierie Bois Construction

    Founder of the TECKICEA design office.
    He specialize in wood structures and envelopes and work throughout France.
    Typical references: schools, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals ……
    Specializations: Timber design engineer, timber engineering, timber construction, timber framing, traditional timber framing
    Member of IBC – Ingénierie Bois Construction


    What prospects for pellet production offers the increased interest in wood products for building ? Evaluation of volume to come at a European level: @ May 28,2024

    Yana Kravtsova Speaker

    Xavier Collin


    Biomass Director at IDEX

    New raw material for pellet production, la Defense (Paris) project with agro pellets: @ May 28,2024

    Staffan Lundegardh Speaker

    John Robinson

    BK Tech

    Launch of BKtech’s French business to enable industrial and energy companies to decarbonize the production of their steam/thermal fluids using local resources from French pellet producers with 870kW – 15 MW energy centers.

    New markets for decarbonization, Exemple of industrial use of pellet for heat and steam production: @ May 28, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Christophe Garnier


    Progranul France General Director & Prodesa Senior Area Sales Manager.

    Progranul, pellet mill Nutri-score A (fat free) : @ May 28,2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Alessandro Guercio


    Experienced sales and business developer manager for ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) systems. Skilled in Combined Heat and Power system to District Heating, Pellet production, Wood-Based Panel Industry. Positive negotiations for 12MWel ORC (9 plants) in fiscal year 2023 and 13MWel ORC (10 plants) in fiscal year 2022. +100 million € cumulative sales of ORC since 2009 in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey. PhD thesis on Hydrogen production system from renewable sources.

    Combined heat and power system thorough ORC technology to sustainable pellet production: @ May 28,2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Markus Rekonen


    A mechanical dewatering solution for fiber-based biomasses by Saalasti, high-Pressure Press 1803 : @May 28, 2024

    Stefan Ortner Speaker

    Hugues de Cherisey


    French Pellet Market, Situation and perspectives: @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Yann Denance


    Since 2012 INOVALP, the French specialist in wood pellet heating, has been a pioneering player in the development of clean renewable energies for the individual home market, while developing industry and employment in France.
    Innovating for product efficiency, user comfort and pleasure, ease of installation and the ability to produce in France.

    Developing an industrial vision based on a modern company that creates jobs. A state-of-the-art industrial facility that puts people at the heart of its concerns: the marriage of artisanal manual know-how and cutting-edge industrialization. Beautiful products with competitive production costs in the premium segment. Careful attention to detail, with a human touch to finishing. An integrated production tool where thankless and tedious tasks are replaced by machines and robots. A fluid, flexible and agile organization.

    A management style that frees energies, encourages initiative and autonomy, gives meaning to work and empowers. The company, a pleasant place to work, where ideas are shared and decisions are taken as a team.

    Passionate about Bioclimatique, for over 20 years he has been contributing to the development of a resolutely ecological energy transition.

    Stoves, boilers and chimney market, situation and perspectives : @May 29, 2024

    Convention of Companies for the Climate (CCC), An opportunity for pellet heating industry ?  : @May 29, 2024

    Cyrille Mercier

    Anjou Bois Energie

    Sales manager at ANJOU BOIS ENERGIE

    Specialized pellet distribution in France, Propellet Study on distribution : @May 29, 2024

    Amandine Messina


    Associate Director – Institut Viavoice

    End users and pellets (perception, confidence,…) Propellet end users study : @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Matthieu Campargue

    RAGT Energie

    Gramix study on hard wood for pellets, Comparison of pellets made of soft and hard wood : @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Victor Jumez


    A new raw materila for pellets, Waste palets pelletisation : @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Alice Fautrad


    New uses of biomass (biofeuls, industry decarbonization), Situation and expectations  :  @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Yohan Smal

    ONG Earthworm

    Wood & Charcoal Partnerships Manager


    Challenges of pellet industry in terms of environemental and social durability: @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Manon Vitel


    Stoves efficiency, ADEME study on stoves performances in real life: @May 29, 2024

    Air quality, Emissions, emission factors, and concentrations : what is it about ? @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Isabelle Augeven Bour


    Air quality expert – Doctorate in chemistry – Environment, sustainable development.

    Air quality, Emissions, emission factors, and concentrations : what is it about ? @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Laurent Croizier

    Deputy of Doubs (25) department

    Deputy for the 1st constituency of Doubs. Besançon city councillor and community councillor for Greater Besançon (France).

    Decryption, Parliament Pellet Flash Mission/ Supports : @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Sébastien Gautreau

    Biomasse Atlantique

    Biomasse Energie Atlantique’s mission is to help professionals in the biomass sector (pellets and wood chips) to sell their products or buy imported supplements.
    It also offers consulting services to explore the best marketing opportunities for diversifying its offering and meeting customer needs.

    Mass distribution and pellet industry, Situation of the market : @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Elise Desfontaines

    System U

    Responsible for listing, purchasing and sales of product families: Tableware / Cooking / Decoration / Furniture / Energy / Household / Electricity.

    Mass distribution and pellet industry, Pellets and pellet industry seen by market player of mass distribution ? @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    David Cogic


    Mass distribution and pellet industry, Pellets and pellet industry seen by market player of mass distribution ? @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Eric Hilbert


    Espace Terrena product manager at Terrena.

    Mass distribution and pellet industry, Pellets and pellet industry seen by market player of mass distribution ? @May 29, 2024

    Speaker Gillles Gauthier

    Raphael Ribstein Moreau


    OpenFire is specialized management software for sales, installation and/or maintenance activities.
    Historically established in the world of heating (chimney sweeps, heating engineers, chimney sweeps), we are present with our customers in France and Belgium.

    Operating “from the prospect’s keyboard to the building site”, OpenFire is an integrated software package for small and medium-sized businesses in the building and home improvement sector.

    Pellet industry action to prevent crisis like in 2022, Hotline app for endusers : @May 29, 2024

    Eric Vial Speaker

    Eric Vial

    Propellet France

    Eric Vial is Director of Propellet France, the association for the industry of wood pellet heating.
    He was European Pellet Council (EPC) President from to 2016 to 2019.
    Previously, Eric founded Caloribois, a company producing wood logs and distributing wood energy in Rhone-Alpes region in France.
    Graduated in business and administration, Eric worked in the metallurgical industry for 15 years and became French Commercial Director in a German multinational during 4 years before joining woody biomass.

    Pellet industry action to prevent crisis like in 2022; Contractualization between stakeholders, Security stocks and More statistics in the industry : @May 29, 2024