European Pellet Forum Graz 2023

We thank all participants of the first European Pellet Forum!
We would be happy to welcome you again in 2023!

About European Pellet Forum

The pellet sector is currently characterized by unprecedented volatility and dynamic growth. The First European Pellet Forum will provide up to date information on the most recent developments in European Pellet markets and an outlook on what we can expect for the coming year.

The European Pellet Forum is a new annual event that aims to bring together the key stakeholders in the European pellet industry, including stove and boiler manufactures, producers, traders and other actors in the pellet value chain. The event is focusing on pellet applications for heat generation in the domestic, commercial and industrial sector. It is organized by National Pellet Associations united in the European Pellet Council. This ensures, that speakers and information provided are of high relevance and up to date.

The first edition of the European Pellet Forum was taking place the day before the Central European Biomass Conference in Graz, a long-established key event for the European Bioenergy Industry and Research community.

International market development

The demand for renewable energy has increased considerably in recent years, and wood pellets are one of the best means of producing renewable heat.


Policy situation and communication

The increased demand for renewable energy has put wood pellets in the spotlight. Get the latest information on policies and communication challenges


Market situation from industry perspective

The wood pellet industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth. This growth is also triggered by the increasing demand for wood pellets for industrial use cases.

Featured Talks & Speakers

European Pellet Forum 2023 Speaker Branko Glavonjic

Jan. 18 — Morning

Branko Glavonic

Pellet market situation in South Eastern Europe

European Pellet Forum 2023 Speaker Gillles Gauthier

Jan. 18 — Morning

Gilles Gauthier

Big picture – Recent developments in international pellet markets

European Pellet Forum 2023 Speaker Irene di Padua

Jan. 18 — Morning

Irene di Padua

Status of RED III negociations and other important policy files in Brussels

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